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5 Questions to qualify a Career Transitions Coach

  1. Are YOU ready and willing to be coached? That means you will be open to new ideas and the possibility of reprogramming the way you think and approach your job search. The right coach can help you overcome any perceived obstacles… if you are open to being coached. 
  2. What process or system does the coach use, and what are the expected results? You will want to assess whether a coach’s process and results will work for you.  For example: My innovative 3 Phase System is a marketing approach to job search and my clients can expect to attract interviews and offers without applying for a job. If a coach cannot define their approach and results it should be a red flag.
  3. Does the coach’s style and personality work for you? Believe it or not, it is extremely important for good ‘chemistry’ to exist between a coach and client; coaching is a personal relationship.  Almost always during a job search; family, financial, and even physical concerns play a role.  Feeling comfortable discussing these concerns, if necessary, is essential.
  4. Does the coach know the ins and outs of the business world? Each profession and level of professional has a different vision. An Accountant has a different view than an Accounting Manager although both are in the same profession (Accounting).  The coach you want will have experience across a variety of Industries, professions and professional levels, and will use that experience to help you see the bigger picture of your decisions, and the potential outcomes along the way.
  5. Does the coach have credible references and recommendations on LinkedIn? Nothing speaks louder than satisfied customers.  Recommendations from individuals who can attest to the impact a coach has had on them are gold!

At the end of the day, you must pick the Coach that resonates with you; has an approach that speaks to you and the credentials & references that meet your needs.  That’s the coach who will help you realize the return you envisioned getting from your ‘investment in coaching’.  

When you are ready; whether your drive is to excellence, or by a need for speed or a chance to broaden your reach, please schedule a session and we will talk about how to get you there.

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